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Kristin has a lifelong interest in story-telling. Growing up in Boston, she painted, sculpted, wrote and drew. After studying film-making, she moved to New York City for a brief career in film before focussing on photography. Through shooting photos, art directing & photo editing, Kristin realized the collaborative atmosphere used both her skills of creativity and leadership. Photography is the best medium for Kristin to tell stories.

Kristin's career encompasses both freelance consulting and in-house photo producing. She originated the photo group at, rising from production artist to senior photo editor. She art-directed content, marketing, and eCommerce photography in subjects from recipe, food, real person and product photography.

The launch of Kristin Burns Photo has been a long time in the making. It took a once-in-a-lifetime summer living abroad to give Kristin the push to strike out on her own. Now she looks forward to working with a variety of creative professionals and bringing her photo skills to a new audience.