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Good photo direction can set the tone for how customers view your magazine, website, product or company. If you are a creative director planning a photo shoot, a photographer updating their portfolio or a business owner modernizing your brochures, Kristin Burns Photo can help.

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Photo editing and direction
- In-house and off-site image research and selection
- Design and implementation of asset management systems
- Photo strategy direction and rebranding for new and existing companies
- Consulting in all aspects of photography

Photo shoot production
- Pre-production · negotiate costs, scout locations, create shot lists
- Find and hire freelance photographers & additional talent
- Production · direct crew, prop, manage talent, ensure quality & completion
- Post-production · selection, editing, digital management and archiving

Portfolio review
- Photo selection for both online galleries and printed collections
- Organization of images based on experience hiring photographers
- Create plan for future image production
- Useful to photographers, stylists & other design professionals

- Specializing in portrait, tabletop and architectural photography
- Digital point-and-shoot and DSLR
- Output for web or printed material